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The Smash Lab Runaway Trailer episode used two solid rocket motors
about 9 inch diameter and 55 inches long with about 3970 pounds thrust
for 7 seconds consuming 139 pounds of propellant . . . each!

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10-82 California Rocketry magazine page on LDRS-1 in
Medina, Ohio. Jerry Irvine attended and promoted the
event and was the primary motor and airframe vendor.
He was the publisher of CRm, as well as founder of the
launches and first TRA club at the site where LDRS-29
was held for the TV show.


First image from Titan landing 1-14-05
Image courtesy of ESA/NASA


Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 and departed the solar system in 1989.
It will lose communication in 2025 about the same year project manager
Ed Stone is expected to live to and work at age 89 at CalTech.
It's a good thing they took the shortest route to the bow shock edge!
Illustration courtesy of NASA. Product of California.


NASA's Voyager probes, which were launched in 1977, are now approaching
the very edge of our Sun's influence, more than 14 billion km from Earth
and they are still returning data.


ESA's GOCE spacecraft collected exceptionally accurate gravitational
readings for 4 years (2010-13) resulting in this gravitational map of Earth.
The "geoid" illustrates how Earth would look if its shape were distorted
to make gravity the same at all places on its surface - zones of intense
gravity are sticking out while areas of reduced gravity appear as depressions.


Image courtesy of Shrox Industria - Shrox Rox
U.S. Rockets Aero-Roc model rocket kit.

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Proof rocket fuel is exempt from ATF
regulation in full and in whole.

Mainstream or Keynsean Economics
vs. Austrian or Mises Economics.
Interesting what a change in perspective
can deliver. Black holes, feared or real?

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